Klaviyo's Advantages and Disadvantages for Your eCommerce Business

What Is Klaviyo Email Marketing?

Anyone may send emails to anyone who has opted-in or accepted to receive them using the Email Service Provider (ESP) Klaviyo. Klaviyo connects with eCommerce systems like Shopify and BigCommerce, where email marketers often promote their goods or services.

With the help of Klaviyo's email system, marketers may monitor consumer behavior and utilize the data to send targeted emails that speak to specific people or defined groups. Marketers may build up messages or email flows that handle certain problems like orders, new specials, abandoned shopping carts, and shipping details, to mention a few.

The advantage of adopting Klaviyo is that it can give marketers comprehensive data, or analytics, on the performance of each email. 

The Action to Klaviyo

We found that Klaviyo's ability to build up abandoned cart flows, to collect customers who added items to their carts but never checked out, was one of the major initial pulls. We initially started searching outside of MailChimp because of the capability to accomplish this.

General Opinions of Klaviyo

"The ideal marketing tool for e-commerce," claims Klaviyo. They promise that Klaviyo can quickly and easily link to your online store and other technologies. All the history and current information on your customers—for everything from sales to reviews—will be available at your fingertips. It has never been simpler to create a message that is highly customized.

I have to admit that Klaviyo definitely delivers when it comes to email marketing. Overall, we are quite pleased with them, and they have enabled us to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in income that we may not have otherwise been able to. In terms of return on investment, it truly is unbeatable.

Advantages of Using Klaviyo:

1. Recruiting 

When you initially join Klaviyo, you go through a thorough onboarding process that gives you the option to set up many of our first processes. 

You will be able to design all the flows you've imagined with the assistance of your onboarding professional. You worked within your account to set things up exactly how you wanted them, so this wasn't your normal demo-type onboarding.

2. Using Simple Templates

In the extensive template collection provided by Klaviyo, you may browse concepts for your flows. This is a fantastic site since it gives you terrific ideas for the kinds of flows you may build up and how they'll function in addition to offering you templates. 

Additionally, you may make your own templates for certain campaign email types that you frequently utilize, which will make the campaign setup really simple.

3. ROI & Recovering Lost Income

You may anticipate an average return of $84 for every $2 you invest in email marketing. 

Using a platform like Klaviyo will only help you realize your full email marketing potential because the ROI of email marketing cannot be contested.

Disadvantages of Using Klaviyo

1. SMS Text Messaging

In all of our processes and campaigns, you were really eager to start using SMS. The performance of your text messages has never quite blown you away the way your emails have, even while the ROI is still there (meaning you still make more money from SMS messages each month than you spend on this portion of the package).

In general, I've been disappointed with the functionality and performance in this area, even though the onboarding process for SMS was much quicker than when we first got set up with Klaviyo (and we had to meet a certain price threshold for texts in order to even get that onboarding in the first place). I feel like I need more assistance in trying to figure out what's wrong, but the Klaviyo staff hasn't been able to provide it.

2. Cost

Although I stated the incredible ROI we've achieved with Klaviyo, the truth is that this technology isn't inexpensive. The cost will probably be prohibitive for many newly established enterprises. I would say that you're probably better off starting smaller with a company like MailChimp (who did produce great results for us for several years!) until you have a really strong email list in place and a lot of traffic to your website (where an abandoned cart flow would make sense and yield a great return).

While Klaviyo does have more affordable options for smaller lists, our monthly payment more than quadrupled when we went from MailChimp, where we were paying a few hundred dollars a month (with the same amount of email subscribers). If you're thinking about making the switch, be prepared for some sticker shock.

In conclusion

While taking Klaviyo has certain disadvantages, they are outweighed by the benefits. Klaviyo is a really powerful email marketing software that provides a ton of options for engaging with current customers and recovering lost sales from visitors who left your site. Using Klaviyo has completely changed the way our eCommerce business operates. When you first start out, an email marketing platform with less features and a smaller price may be more appropriate for you, but as soon as you need something more complete, I can't suggest Klaviyo enough.

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